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There’s nothing that enhances the Christmas spirit like decorating your tree. As one of the first things that families do to celebrate the start of the season, decorating a Christmas tree is a time-honoured tradition that will leave you feeling joyous and ready for all the festivities to come. 

This handy guide will provide you with a range of tips from professional decorators on how to decorate a Christmas tree, leaving you with a feature in your lounge or family room that can be admired by friends and family, the whole season through. 

Start from the top

Whether it’s tinsel, a ribbon garland or lights, it is always best to start decorating from the very top of the tree. Professionals recommend that you should start adding your garland about a fifth of the way down from the top of your tree and that you should run your tinsel or garland at an angle to create an interesting look.

Add your topper first

Though it’s traditional when decorating a Christmas tree to add your topper last, adding it before your other decorations will allow you to create the look that you want to be based around your tree topper.

When adding your star or angel or any other kind of topper to your tree, professionals also recommend not placing your topper on the very top of the tallest branch but instead, embedding it in the top section of the tree.

Try using oversized decorations

Using oversized ornaments can be a fun way to really make your tree pop and they don’t always need to be Christmas related. Depending on what your tree theme is for the year, you can add any assortment of larger ornaments but be sure to space them apart, so they don’t give your tree the appearance of being overcrowded.

Place your ornaments

With every kind of Christmas tree, there are two types of ornaments you can use. You have your basic fillers, baubles and the like, and then you have your stylish and fancy ornaments that will make your tree truly shine.

Expert tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree state that you should embed your less impressive ornaments deeper inside the tree. Though you may not be able to see each one clearly, these create a base for your fancier ornaments, and they give your Christmas lights something to reflect off of.

Your more extravagant Christmas decorations should be placed more on the outside of the tree for all to see. Space them well so that there are no bunching or busy-looking spaces on your tree. Long-hanging feature ornaments can also be used to fill gaps and spaces in your tree branches.

Experts recommend the use of floral wire and pipe cleaners to hang your ornaments over the traditional hanging materials as it keeps them more secure and positions them better on your Christmas tree. 

Give your tree an overall appraisal

Throughout the decorating process, you should regularly step back from your Christmas tree to take in the aesthetics you are creating. The last thing you want is to finish your decorating and then have to start all over if you are not happy with the results.

The final adjustments on your tree are the finishing touches you need, to make sure you have decorated your best tree yet. Fluff your branches as necessary or reposition them if you are using a fake Christmas tree, reposition any ornaments that look too bulky and make sure everything that is attached to your tree is secure enough to last the entire festive season. 

A well-decorated Christmas tree can fill you and your home with all the joys of the festive season, so this year, make your tree one of your absolute best with the range of quality decorations and Christmas trees available from Christmas World. Shop our range today!

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