How to Host the Perfect Christmas Cocktail Party

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a festive Christmas cocktail party? It’s the ideal occasion to create cherished memories and embrace the festive spirit with your nearest and dearest.

But hosting an unforgettable gathering takes some planning and thoughtful touches. Here’s your ultimate guide to throwing a bash that will dazzle your guests and make lasting memories.


Create Your Guest List and Set the Date

First things first, gather your loved ones and set a clear date and time for your Christmas cocktail party. Adding a finish time helps manage expectations and ensures everyone can join in the festivities without any rush. This step serves as the foundation on which all other preparations will build upon.


Send Out Invitations

Spread the excitement by sending out invitations. Whether you opt for digital invites on platforms like Etsy or Canva or go for the classic charm of SMS, make it easy for your guests to confirm their attendance. Get them excited about your upcoming soirée and let the Christmas cheer begin.


Theming Your Christmas Cocktail Party

Choosing a theme adds a touch of magic to your celebration. It sets the tone for decorations, menu choices, and even attire suggestions for your guests. Pick a theme that resonates with the holiday spirit and ties everything together seamlessly.

If you’re struggling to select a decorating theme, head our Inspiration Gallery for ideas you’ll love!


Decorate with Intention

Focus your decorative efforts on areas where guests will congregate. Incorporating seasonal scents through candles or potpourri enhances the atmosphere, while lighting elements like fairy lights or candles create a cosy ambiance. Themed table settings and décor pieces add a touch of elegance to the surroundings.


Food Options

When it comes to the food, there are several approaches you can take:

Bring a Board Party: Each guest brings a board with different types of food. You can elevate the Christmas spirit by encouraging your guests to bring traditional festive foods from theier culture, or meals beginning with the first letter of their name.

50/50: Combine pre-made dishes with homemade treats or contributions from friends.

100% Homemade: Create a menu entirely from scratch, from grazing tables to finger foods.

100% Catered: Have boards, trays, and platters pre-made by local businesses to support your community and ensure a stress-free experience.


Crafting the Perfect Drinks Selection

Create a delightful drink selection to keep the spirits high:

Cocktails: Choose recipes that match the theme or the holiday season. Consider pre-mixing some cocktails or buying cask cocktails in advance for easy serving.

Bubbles: Offer a variety of wines, from Moscato to Prosecco for those who prefer bubbles. Include orange juice on the side for an effortless mimosa.

Beers & Ciders: Include a variety of beers and ciders, including low-or-zero-alcohol options.

Specialty Drinks Bar: Get creative with a Gin Bar, Make Your Own (MYO) Cocktails Bar, Liquor Cart, or Mocktails Bar. Don’t forget non-alcoholic options.

As with every celebration, ample water and soft drinks should be easily accessible to cater to all preferences.


Magical Entertainment

Set the mood with entertainment that resonates with the festive spirit:

Festive Playlist: Curate a mix of holiday classics and lively tunes. You can utilise curated playlists on streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music to assist.

Christmas Games and Karaoke: Add a playful element to the party. Do a quick Google search to find Christmas games that suit your guests. Ensure the karaoke machine and mics are fully charged and the karaoke playlist is complete.

Live Music or Dancing: Elevate the entertainment factor for an unforgettable evening.



Ensure a smooth flow with some housekeeping:

Clean Bins and Extra Supplies: Keep the space tidy and necessary supplies easily accessible.

Takeaway Containers: Prepare to share leftover delights with your guests, spreading the joy even after the party ends.


Personalised Touches

Consider adding a personalised touch by offering ornaments or small tokens as party favours. Order baubles with each guests name and a year and include as part of the table place settings, or place personalised decorations in gift boxes ready to give on the way out. It’s a thoughtful gesture that guests will treasure as a memento of the delightful gathering.


Have Fun and Enjoy

Above all, remember to have fun and be a gracious host. Embrace the festive spirit and enjoy the moment with your guests. Perfection isn’t necessary; it’s the joy and warmth of the occasion that truly matters.

This comprehensive guide will help you throw a Christmas cocktail party that will be the talk of the town! Cheers to spreading holiday cheer and creating unforgettable memories with loved ones.


To keep the ideas flowing, join our Celebration Central community, find more inspiration on our blog, decorate with our step-by-step videos, and shop everything you need to get ready for Christmas in our one-stop online store.

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