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The holidays are usually synonymous to wonderful aromas emanating from the kitchen, gifts under huge Christmas trees adorned with ornaments, tinsel and lights warming our hearts. It’s also the time of the year when electricity costs go sky high. Don’t you wish you could fully decorate your house with bright and attractive lights and not have to worry about the energy bills? Well, you actually can with LED Christmas lights. Take a look at how they can help you this festive season.

1. They’re much safer to use
Christmas-related house fires are better prevented when owners take action to ensure that the accessories they’re using to decorate their homes are safe. Real trees, for example, can become tinder-dry if not properly cared for and easily catch fire when trimmed with traditional lights that get burning hot. Aside from watering them regularly to keep them fresh and green, embellishing them with LED lighting solutions is a better, safer option.

2. They’re energy efficient
Blinking, flashing or steady illuminators can seriously burn a hole through anyone’s pockets, especially for Australians. Because it’s the summer holidays, you are more likely to turn your air conditioner on full blast to keep cool. Aside from that, you’ll be using electricity to light up your decorations.

If you’re using the traditional bulbs, prepare to be shocked with a high energy bill. To avoid the high cost, you can simply switch to light emitting diodes. A strand of 50 old-fashioned bulbs uses 0.3 kilowatts, while a strand of 50 LED lights uses only 0.004 kilowatts. Quite a big difference when it comes to energy costs, especially if you’re going to be running more than 10 strands for hours. It’s definitely something you need to consider when choosing from our array of Christmas lights for sale.

3. They last longer
Do you still remember how often you had to replace the bulbs on your old fashioned strand of lights last year? A lot of times, we presume. Some people who have no patience with replacing them end up tossing them out and buying a whole new set. LEDs are more durable because they don’t heat up like those old ones. In fact, if you’re going to buy them this year, you can still expect to use them next year, and the years after, depending on how often you use them during the season.

4. They’re environmentally friendly
Let’s talk a bit about reducing your carbon footprint during the holidays. When you use energy, and we mean the non-renewable kind, you’re actually contributing to carbon dioxide pollution that has devastating effects on the environment. Choosing energy-efficient solutions at home can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. There are many things you can do to become eco-friendly and one of them is choosing LED lighting for your Christmas tree as well as replacing the existing bulbs you have at home.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should be switching from traditional lights to LEDs. They’re not only beneficial to you cost-wise, they’re also a great choice if you’re concerned about being eco-friendly. Check our huge array of LED Christmas lights, as well as our collection of gorgeous Christmas trees online. Decorate your home and make this season extra special with these beautiful, cost-efficient decorations.

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