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Whether you live in a suburb that gets right into every festive season and you have decided to throw your hat in the ring, or you simply love Christmas time and the decorating that comes with it, don’t overlook your front porch this December. Every year there are porches that stand out from the rest — and the core reason for this is not because they are the most eccentric but because they follow a theme or have an underlying unifying idea. This year, take your front porch holiday décor to the next level by recreating one of these amazing themes yourself. 

1. Create a cosy scene

Bring your living room set up outside and extend your cosy Christmas atmosphere to the porch. With a fully decorated Christmas tree, wrapped packages underneath and a welcoming outdoor bench covered in festive pillows and throws, people passing by can partake in your family’s joy and merriment too.

2. Put your natural greenery to good use

With so many Australian porches thoughtfully adorned with pot plants and front gardens blooming with towering trees, it feels only natural to incorporate front porch holiday décor into this greenery. Light up your garden path with colourful light poles and top the trees outside your front door with minimalist decorations in metallic colours.

3. Red and green galore

While white might be a more appropriate colour theme for porches in a snowy country, holiday décor in Australia is traditionally green and red. Embrace these classic colours for Christmas 2021 and decorate your patio with flashing green and red light-up motifs that stand out at night. For the daytime, place a couple of adorable inflatables around your garden to keep your Christmas display going 24/7. However, remember that when it comes to colour themes, less is more!

Time to give your porch a Christmas makeover

This year, impress your family, friends and local passers-by with some exceptional front porch holiday décor from Christmas World. As Australia’s number one Christmas store, there is no better place to shop for all your festive needs. Browse our range online today or visit us in-store at one of our locations.

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