Our Top Tips from our Sip Sparkle Stylists

The halls were decked, the spirits high, and the joy contagious at The Christmas Cart’s inaugural Christmas styling event – a blend of elegance, creativity, and a sprinkling of seasonal magic. If you couldn’t join us this year, fret not! We’re here to unwrap the enchanting styling secrets and tips that made this event sparkle.

Picture this: a bustling space filled with eager guests, greeted warmly by the visionary founders of The Christmas Cart, Deb and Kym. The ambiance was set ablaze with sips of wine in personalised glasses, a golden carpet, and the promise of an afternoon brimming with inspiration. A live musician serenaded the atmosphere as attendees indulged in an array of delightful treats, all culminating in a flurry of creativity and festive elegance.

At the heart of the event were five resplendent Christmas trees, each a testament to style and creativity. Four showcased the brand’s new decorating Collections, while a classic Traditional tree stood as a timeless centerpiece.

The Event Highlights:

Tree Styling Tips

Jake, our seasoned stylist from Seasonal Studio, unraveled the secrets behind tree styling. “The tree sets the tone for the whole theme,” he emphasised. His insights unveiled:

  • Theme Mastery: Establishing and maintaining a cohesive decorating theme for a unified look.
  • Colour Elegance: Delving into a traditional palette of red, gold, and green, playing with tones and textures for an enchanting display.
  • Texture & Depth Magic: From ribbons to floral accents, diving deeper into the tree for a dazzling, multidimensional effect.

A lush green prelit tree served as the canvas for these tips, a perfect starting point to infuse magic into your holiday decor.


Table Styling Tips

Deb and Kym, founders of The Christmas Cart, delved into the art of table styling, emphasising the transformative power of layering. Starting with a simple base and building up layers, they crafted a table centerpiece that mirrored the Traditional tree’s palette, creating a harmonious and inviting spread. Utilising sprays from our Harlequin Christmas Collection, they crafted a captivating, classic table setting.

The event also featured four incredible presenters we absolutely loved working with!

Claire, the culinary maestro from Home Grazing & Events, shared her secrets for crafting stunning grazing boards, perfect for family-friendly Christmas gatherings. Her grazing board wreaths were a visual feast, adding a creative touch to traditional holiday treats.

Ash, from Bake it by Giovannellis, captivated the audience with her cupcake artistry, presenting divine vanilla cupcakes adorned with green and white rosettes. A feast for the eyes and the taste buds alike!

Gifts and hampers took center stage as Peta, from Hamper Culture, illuminated the art of styling these festive treasures, turning each present into a work of art.

Kamri, founder of Kamri Hill Styling, transcended traditional decor, offering tips to infuse glamour into every guest’s style, ensuring everyone felt festive and fabulous.

The grand finale of our spectacular event was marked by a delightful surprise—a special visit from Santa himself! This heartwarming touch added an extra layer of festive enchantment, capping off the day with smiles, laughter, and the true spirit of Christmas.

Make Your Christmas One that Sparkles

We were lucky enough to have The Loft to ourselves, thanks to the wonderful team at Camden Valley Inn. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who turned this casual idea into a magical reality! We can’t wait to host this event again next year.

Although the biggest Christmas decorating event of the year is over, the spirit of Christmas lives on at our online store. Discover everything you need to make your holidays sparkle! Explore a unique selection of festive delights, from captivating decor to personalised gifts that add that extra touch of magic. Don’t miss out on our handy blog, brimming with tips and tricks for every facet of Christmas. Dive into decorating videos that inspire and guide you toward creating your own enchanting wonderland. Plus, enjoy free downloads and plenty more fun surprises waiting to elevate your celebrations! With us, the joy of Christmas lasts all year round. Explore, indulge, and let your holiday spirit soar!

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